Sunday, June 29, 2008

big plans, take 2

I was all talk a few weeks ago when I was losing my mind finishing up the school year. Here is an update on the things I was planning on doing before now:
  • Taking a long, luxurious bath in the new tub while listening to Water for Elephants (so I'm actually prepared to rejoin my book group in July): Have taken long, luxurious baths but keep forgetting to listen to the book on tape; I still have a week before the book group meeting. Must schedule more baths, with CD player.
  • Dinner at Marrakesh with marriage group friends: Check. It was super fun (even though I ordered the same thing I always do); not sure which was more interesting - watching the belly dancer or the 20-something guys next to us trying to not look directly at her in front of their dates.
  • Watching The Happening & The Incredible Hulk: Check for The Happening, though now I get why the opening scene is the girl putting a hairpin through her neck. Wish I had longer hair...
  • Beginning my couch potato adventure in TV series viewing: Check, am thoroughly enmeshed with The Sopranos, to the point of having a strange & slightly discomfiting crush on Tony.
  • Preparing little presents for BlogHer friends: I have them, but they are not yet properly wrapped. SO excited!
  • Packing for BlogHer: Will do it after next laundry day. It is going to be laborious as I do not want to check any bags because a) I'm cheap and b) I'll be taking BART to the hotel and would rather not look like a vagabond.
  • Packing for Europe: Well, I do only have about 6 weeks until we leave...I'll start after BlogHer.

Now I have to include planning for next school year in my summer to-do list (oh the irony). And I'm still working on that plan-meals-and-create-a-housework-schedule thing; it seemed so easy when I thought every day would be all open & carefree...

Thank you, amazing Anne Taintor.