Sunday, June 29, 2008

we are ecru trash

Note/Disclaimer/Lame excuse for a silly post: Wine is being consumed as I type.

So. Me & my bff Jen (plus our menfolk, who think we're dumb but we don't care right now) are watching [and enjoying; don't judge] View From the Top while drinking wine + eating barbecue chips + getting ready for ice cream and suddenly Jen wondered aloud whether or not we're "white trash." To which I had to pause. Hmmm. And I said no. Because we're drinking good white wine (no Boone's for us!) and eating fancy good-for-you potato chips and partaking of non-trans-fatty ice cream. That makes us Ecru Trash, thankyouverymuch.

And we love Mark Ruffalo, a smart & classy [supremely hot] actor.

Not to worry, little sister - I won't be stealing your secret boyfriend.

That would be white trashy.