Monday, June 30, 2008

pimp my blog (now with more caulk!)

In the manic gearing up for the BlogHer conference (speaking mainly for myself but other people are also getting a little jazzed), I have not only started planning my wardrobe but also spent four hours some time putting together a few items at CafePress (click here, or finish reading and use the button in the sidebar. I'm making it easy for you to spend money on my crap; you're welcome).

Because there was much delight with the "ecru trash" thing last night (I actually thought the bulk of its hilarity came from the three glasses of wine, but apparently many commenters were amused, too. Have you guys been drinking?), Stu came up with a funky logo and we attached it to a tank top. Then I got completely nuts and designed t-shirts, buttons, messenger bags, stickers, magnets, and, well. A bad mom is not complete without a custom thong (I didn't put my web address on that one though).

I'm not trying to make bank here, just spread a little sunshine. Jen & I will be wearing the tanks to San Francisco, most likely with a colored bra strap showing (but Victoria's Secret, not Wal-Mart). Join us or just make fun of us, as you wish. But if you're mean, we won't share the wine & chips.

UPDATE: Look what I just found! Get a Free Sample of GE Caulk Singles at
You know how I love it...