Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the days the earth stood still

When I first discovered blogs a couple of years ago (hey, I was busy before that, geez), I got an e-mail from the mom of one of Mason's obsessions classmates and she had a signature link to her own blog. I clicked, I read, and I suddenly felt giddy - like I knew someone famous. I'm pretty sure I acted a little like The Chris Farley Show when I met with her for awhile: "Remember when you wrote that part, about that thing with the lady at Trader Joe's? Remember? Yeah, that was really funny..."

So last week I got to meet TWO MORE local bloggers! I like to think I was cooler with them than with Lisa (though she did hang in there and become one of my best friends; maybe we're both weirdos), but maybe not.

On Thursday, Miss Burrows met me at Whole Foods, where I tried to be extremely cool about my bizarre crush (who wasn't there) and discuss sex, religion, oh and hey how about a little politics? Miss B and her husband CREATED Treasurelicious (she is a fantastically well-adjusted & fun geek) - it's a list-lover's dream. (You should try it, but give yourself a few hours because it's addictive). She was a delightfully open & sensitive person, which is good because I'm attending Camp Naughty with her next weekend and would like to feel safe about it.

And then Friday, CamiKaos agreed to squeeze me into her crazy-busy day, from 10:15-12:00. I felt extremely honored to not only be offered some of her time, but she met me at the gelato place by her house AND her neighborhood was having garage sales. The planets aligned! Cami CREATED Strange Love, a sometimes wild & naughty but always intriguing interview show with musicians, bloggers, dignitaries...And she has tattoos (Stu & I are meeting with her recommended artist today, actually) plus a kick-ass attitude. But in a nice way.

Things learned:
  • Talking about sex, religion, & politics the first time you meet someone doesn't have to be awkward
  • Nice people pretend not to think you're a perv for stalking a grocery clerk young enough to be your child
  • Hazelnut gelato is spectacularly delicious (even at 10:30 a.m.)
  • Hazelnut gelato melts easily and will drip on your clothing when you talk too much & don't eat it fast enough
  • It is a joyous thing to meet fellow bloggers, with or without hugging