Thursday, June 26, 2008

love, honor, [not necessarily obey], cherish

Saucy is having a Wedding Party today! Happy Anniversary to Saucy! Now, everybody say "I DO" and check out all the fun posts across the blogosphere. Starting here, of course.

The family gathers to witness a young woman and a
slightly younger man marry.

Why the long faces, gang? Is it the bridesmaid dress, black velvet & cheap satin in May? What??

There was walking down an aisle, Pachelbel's Canon in D played on violin by my beautiful & talented cousin of whom I got no pictures.
Stupid photographer.
After some sobbing bawling regaining of composure, there were vows.

Then there was kissing.

Fast forward to the reception. (Seriously, our ceremony was maybe 15 minutes start to finish. Whenever I attend weddings now, I lament about what we could have done rather than rush through at warp speed. Alas, it is done).

We danced with parents.

We cut cake together (sort of; really there was this photo then someone else jumped in to do a decent job).

I'm pleased with the simplicity (read "super cheap model") of our cake.
And it was delicious. [It's all we actually ate at the reception; too much chatting]

We didn't do the mean cake-shove; I just forgot to close my mouth and Stu kept pushing his piece in.
Whoa that sounds really dirty...

And then there was the traditional groping of the bride
under her dress.
Stu insisted on this song for the garter toss.

Thanks for coming! We're going to go do it like monkeys
get some dinner now.