Friday, June 27, 2008

a made girl

So I started watching The Sopranos last week. It wasn't even in my top list of possible brain candies for the summer, but someone suggested it and when I saw it at Blockbuster, I grabbed the first disc (I was trying to say that with some clever Italian slang, but all I could come up with was lame Godfather references so nevermind. And right there I almost said "fuggedaboutit" but that also seemed contrived & pathetic, like me trying to say "Aiiight." Anyway).

A couple of observations (which will probably draw a resounding DUH from everyone who has already discovered the show, i.e. the entire Western world; bear with me anyway):
  1. The dialogue, while seeming slightly stereotypical, is quite natural-sounding and surprisingly funny.
  2. Most of the characters are pretty well-drawn and interesting.
  3. The Tony-telling-his-story-in-therapy vehicle is clever & effective.
  4. James Gandolfini = startlingly attractive. Whenever I saw him in passing on E! or in the pages of People or US, he did nothing for me. Nothing. It is in action, with his sleepy eyes and boyish smile and soft yet strong voice that, whoa. I get kinda wiggly. But I can't even post a picture here because that is not what does it.

I don't know how to explain it other than I am really enjoying watching this show and not just because the plot lines are so intriguing (though they are). Stu keeps marveling that I'm interested in someone so much older than me, who doesn't work in a grocery store.

To which I respond with a particular hand gesture that may or may not be Italian.