Wednesday, June 4, 2008

spam spam spam spam

I recently added another Yahoo e-mail address to my account, because it sounded cooler in connection with my blog name on the cards I made. OCD much? I know. Anyway.

Now I'm faced with an onslaught of fantastic offers for Hoodia(*A Revolution in Weight Management!) or COSTA RICA TRIP as well as very sincere queries from Asbestos Lawyers (at least six in the last two days - is there something I should know about my home??) and Mr.Philip Clive (addressed to Dear Friend; that's sweet). As more & more of this nonsense showed up in my Inbox yet no comments on my blog posts appeared [sob], I became suspicious.

I hopped over to the cesspool that is the Spam folder and, after wading through the dregs that had been automatically sent there (exactly what about my e-mail address invites stuff from Singles4You and OneHourPaydayCash and !!!!JOBS!!!! ? Curious), I did indeed find some friendly names with nice things to say. It felt like picking precious dollar bills out of a toilet.

So here's the deal - if you happen to e-mail me at my Yahoo account and I don't respond, it's either because a) your message was vulgar and appalling and I'm ignoring you or b) your message was vulgar but amusing and got trapped in my Spam folder. Leave me a note in comments where I will check frequently (like that's a new procedure for me) and get back to you accordingly.

In the meantime, can I interest you in CHURCH DATING or OldJewelryCash?