Saturday, July 19, 2008

attitude adjustment

I rather dislike the saying "Hindsight is 20/20." It's just a polite academic way of saying "I could have told you so, moron." And if I think about it for a minute, I told myself. Then promptly ignored my own instincts and created an alternate reality that has not panned out.

Perhaps later after shopping the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale for 8 hours drinking heavily gaining some distance from the situation, I will detail my issues. For now, I'll do an Ups & Downs list, with emphasis on the 'Ups' because the 'Downs' are clearly distressing my readers (LOVE YOU GUYS! Sorry to make you fret!). Here, the first Up:

I have looked positively fantastic during this trip (Down: Did not take pictures, until this morning).

Maybe it's the magical Westin Heavenly Mirrors.

Trying for a whimsical outlook.

Check out at that hair! Unbelievable, folks. I should take it shopping.

Another Up: I remembered to pack my slippers.

Cozy, sequined, and only $1 at a garage sale. We're in love.

Up: Free popcorn in swag bags. Down? Westin had no microwave to offer us. Up: Room service picked up, popped, delivered on a tray.

We ate every kernel while watching the uproariously funny Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Seriously, I feel better about the day ahead so no need to send psychotherapists, medication, or Depression Hotline numbers. Free drink coupons, maybe.