Saturday, July 19, 2008

hello everybodeeeeeeee

I found my way to the Sesame Street Suite yesterday. Is it wrong that that was the highlight of my day? I thought about it all afternoon, kicking myself for not doing a video with Grover.

There have been a few glitches in the system (mine and BlogHer's); I'm trying to be a big girl and move on. [Translated: Will drink more martinis tonight and maybe go see Wanted again. Or I'll just stare at that picture for a few hours. While drinking martinis].

Boys and girls, listen to Grover -
Never let anybody put his arm in your sensitive parts.
Without your permission of course.

What kind of sick individual can eat these guys?
Grover is obviously the only one aware of his impending doom.

Hey thanks for tuning in again. Check back later to see if I got a puppet to grope me. Yeah, that's about where I am at this point.