Friday, July 18, 2008

oh and also

[Alternate post title: Why I've Been Awake Since 5 a.m. Instead of Sleeping In My Heavenly Bed Like A Normal Person]

Things I didn't mention about yesterday:
  1. Jen said I have to talk about "Our Gentle Mugging" at the BART station, which I prefer to call "My Generous Nature Toward Womankind." A friendly though rather toothless young lady helped us through the admittedly wacky process of buying tickets from Oakland to San Francisco, then professed how pregnant and hungry she was after all that helping. I scooped the $3 worth of change out of the machine and handed it to her while Jen looked at me with horror, surely thinking my dumb ass was getting us marked for the rest of the journey to Union Square. She made sure I didn't make eye contact with anyone else between there and our hotel.
  2. I also forgot to tell (and take pictures of) how I resembled Jen's cute little lesbian lover in my Bad Mom tee [get yours on sale now at my Cafe Press store!], black cargo roll-up capris, and Ed Hardy sneakers to her gingham button-down, white cotton skirt, and sweet red flats. This may better explain the incessant attention from our teenage boys since to them, Lesbian Lover equals PortiaDeRossiNakedPleaseGodThankYouAmen.
  3. I met the lovely and so calm & gracious JCK of Motherscribe at The People's Party, too. She was not in the bathroom saying naughty words, nor was she drunk. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
  4. I also met two Rachels - one of Fog City Notes and the other Foggy City Mommy. Both were delightful, one hugged me because she lurks on my blog (Hi! Thanks again for the compliments and your son really is adorable!). Neither of them were naughty and/or drunk either, as far as I could tell.
  5. We scored some pretty cool swag at The People's Party, too - Land's End gift cards, a flash drive, yummy-smelling soap, magazines.
  6. Back to the lesbian thing - an older hotel troll hanging out by the elevators gentleman (who was indeed quite drunk and possibly hoping to be naughty) asked Jen what her favorite part of the evening was. She said "Getting to hang out with my girlfriend" to which he remarked, "Well since you're in the city, you should make it more official than just being girlfriends." Then I went and ruined the fun by saying "I don't think my husband would be very happy with that." Although he always says he wouldn't care as long as I videotape it.

Okay, you are pretty much caught up. I have to shower. Then maybe nap before breakfast.