Thursday, July 17, 2008

the late show

Random info + pictures, for those who are actively avoiding doing important things:

1. The Experience Project people were fabulous, hosting a party at Rye with swag and an OPEN BAR. Thank you, Julio, Armen, Jeff & all - you so rock. (P.S. In the future I will call Julio "Steve" because he reminds me of the adorable Blues Clues guy).

The wine wall @ Rye (I thought it was a bunch of card catalog drawers. Because that makes sense in a bar).

What's that, Blue? Someone wants to make out with me? Cool!

2. Our room is on the 10th floor; the elevator takes about 10 seconds to get up there, and less than 5.5 seconds to get down. I'm pretty sure Jen will barf in transit before the weekend's out.

    This is what it looks like in Jen-O-Vision.

    3. My attention is currently divided between typing this Very Important Post and watching Mallrats. This is perhaps where my irrational attraction to underage and/or foul-mouthed hotties comes from, and I'm strangely unashamed.

4. I met Jenny the Bloggess in the bathroom at The People's Party. She was drunk fabulously fun, and actually remembered my Comment of the Day on one of her posts. We said naughty words aloud and talked about how many gay men love boobs.

Take one. Yes, her cleavage was fantastic.

Take two, the Cybil-Shepherd-Soft-Lens effect. I hate that I look better this way.

I swear I'm not drunk.