Thursday, July 10, 2008

washed up

Today I'm feeling crabby (HA, get it??) and so I'm sending out a general apology to anyone in the world I might encounter.

Everything I have to do is actually easy (sorting Pampered Chef orders, clearing a desk of stale school projects, attending an Indiana Jones library event, dropping off stuff at Goodwill) but it all seems hard because of this attitude that I cannot shake.

My Achilles tendon aches, I can't find the perfect shoe (and I feel a panic building inside - what if my feet hurt when I'm in Europe? That would be BAD!), my hair is too long, it's hot outside, I should be doing laundry, I have a pile of magazines to sort, there are too many bananas still in my freezer...whine whine whine, ad infinitum.

Yeah, I have problems. I need to adjust my perspective.

crabby photo by me, Whidbey Island, 2008