Saturday, October 11, 2008


I did not make it to the Out of the Darkness walk this morning - not because I partied like a rock star last night - due to visiting parents, trees needing removal, and birthday party attendance. I am sad that I missed all of our Renegades banding together in honor of a classmate, but I did have a fine time with my mom, and Stu enjoyed truck-driving man-bonding time with Mason & my dad, and Paige origamied her heart out with friends.

I would like to post pictures of the drunken fun parents-gone-wild lovely Friday celebration but cannot find my camera and must get ready for yet another night out with my man. Tonight we attend an auction to raise money for Camas Education Foundation, otherwise known as the group in our district that does not think the alternative high school should be relegated to the badlands; they gave us $18K last year to bolster our tiny closet of a library. We thank & support them by purchasing whatever items we can tonight, be it knitted scarves (a former student created one from camouflage yarn! I'm gunning for that), tickets to the children's theater, or a basket full of bath products.

Must go iron pants and fix hair, plus try to conceal the mysterious swelling under my left eye. Within 17 minutes. It's always something...

THIS JUST IN: We procured the scarf (wooohoooo! Of course I outbid my principal for it; stay tuned for word of my continued employment; maybe I can work out a sharing system); two adorable little tables with mosaic tops, created by elementary students; a large mirror with a funky lacquered tissue paper frame, also created by elementary students, that I cannot wait to hang in my classroom; plus a girls' night out at a local boutique that not only includes gift certificates for clothes AND shoes but also a cocktail party catered by my secret bartender boyfriend Dave. I KNOW! I love education.