Friday, October 24, 2008

i love today

1. Right now, I'm feeling overwhelmed with gladness for the speed & ease of this week.

2. Wherever my kids & man are is where I want to be (unless I were offered free tickets to someplace in Europe...Shhh).

3. How does one relish each day while still looking so forward to the weekend?

4. Prayer (with a side of chocolate & the promise of wine) keeps me on track.

5. Please don't be cruel. Or stinky.

6. [My son reading over my shoulder says this should be "Children"] Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale, & Edward Norton fill me with joy.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to movies & cocktails with best friend and husbands (hers & mine, people), tomorrow my plans include sleeping in then afternoon church luau, and Sunday, I want to see my Cowboys play a decent game (refer back to #4)!

Friday, Friday; we love that day @ Friday Fill-Ins


LarryG said...

you are all over it bad-girl!

SmilingSally said...

I like your son's personality! Happy Friday Fill-ins! I'm giving away a book. Look on my sidebar.

Danielle said...

I'm with you on a free ticket to Europe! And if you figure out #3, could you gladly share that? Have a great time tonight!

Janet said...

I often wonder about #3 and hahaha I'm laughing at #6, thank you.

Enjoy your weekend!

262mom said...

srsly. Which day of the week gets the baddest rap because it isn't the weekend? I think it would still be Monday, hands down.

Shana said...

Re #5... ewww, especially stinky. Only a teacher working with teens or a mom of a teen boy who takes his shoes off would immediately go to stinky.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

Mason busted you! That's awesome.

Have fun tonight. What are you seeing?

Anonymous said...

Nice fill-in.


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