Tuesday, November 4, 2008

but i kind of wanted to stay up late...

All day I've felt like I do when I'm on a rollercoaster, like I do when the Cowboys are in the Super Bowl - there is utter excitement about the situation that is slightly tempered with a feeling of "what if?" What if the car bolts off the track? What if my team suffers a devastating injury?

'Cautiously optimistic.' Polls and pundits and predictions signaled Barack Obama's win but I dared not think directly about it. I almost engaged in the superstitious nuttiness I display on game days - not showering, wearing every bit of team gear I own, gluing myself to every move made by the players - but I did not; I chose the opposite strategy of deliberately showering (even loofahing), wearing no blue, and forcing myself to stay away from NPR until after 4 p.m.

To be honest, I have never disliked or even distrusted John McCain; I admire his integrity as a man, I am grateful for his service to our country, and I've found him to be an extraordinarily gracious gentleman in his defeat tonight.

I look forward to our country emerging in the next four years as a renewed force, with renewed energy & spirit, in this world.

God bless us all.

Welcome, Mr. President