Monday, November 3, 2008

skewed results

I was compelled to take the "Is Your Life Balanced?" quiz at iVillage this afternoon, because I was feeling particularly unbalanced after racing from my classroom to attend a PTA meeting then racing home to check in with my son-who-forgot-to-stay-after-school then doing random little things around the house (making dinner not one of them, because I was stumped into paralysis; THANK YOU, HUSBAND!) until I decided to take the quiz, write this post, and race back to my classroom for our Open House. Apparently this is me:
Even Stephen
You are one of those rare adults with a firm grasp on her priorities.
Even though you put others first, you are fluent in the subtle art of compromise and know exactly when to cut yourself some slack.
And then everyone familiar with me laughed uproariously.
Let's just say I know how to take a test.