Sunday, November 2, 2008

retro rollin'

I genuinely love rollerskating with all my heart. When I was a kid, we had the Roller Barn - a real old barn converted into a roller rink where I spent many a weekend afternoon skating with friends, eating gobs of junk food, & pining for cute boys.

Yesterday I stepped back in time at our local Golden Skate - this time my kids were my friends, they ate junk food bought with their own money, and I didn't have to pine long for my cute boy.

The universal rental counter,
complete with circa 1981 cool skates poster

Anticipation in tan size 7

It's not worth $6 without a disco ball

"YMCA" is always at the ready

Pause for manna

Rink refs, the coolest of the skating nerds
(This one resembled the cute Mac Guy)
[I am NOT stalking him, or else I'd have had a front shot]

This guy I was stalking
but he skated by too fast for a decent shot.
Or not...heh.

Me & a boy worth pining over

The roller rink - in the end,
it's all about love


Danielle said...

Ah I loved the skating rink too. I've been threatening some girls that I think we should have a girls night at the rink...good times!

Shana said...

We were at a birthday party at the Golden Skate two weekends ago. I didn't grow up in this area but that whole roller rink vibe is so universal, it could have just as well been Skate Country on Terry Parkway in Gretna, Louisiana, where I did my cute boy pining.

No broke bones? I declare your skate date a raging success.

LarryG said...

I don't know when the tank and troughs at Raccoon Mtn were functional (if ever) yes it is a nice photo op!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I told my mom I was late-night skating at Aquarius roll-a-rena every Friday night in 1981 and 82. It was not true.

shrink on the couch said...

Ah memories. There was a time when my friend and I spent every Saturday night trying to catch the eye of the cool, fast-on-the-outside-track guy. And that music. Dreamy.

oliver rain said...

So fun. I would love to have a roller rink nearby. Did you wear your 80s hair band and slouchy socks.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I so wish we could have come along. I love skating, and I promised we will do it with you soon, if you are game.

Minnesota Matron said...

Very sweet! I was never a very devoted roller skater, but oh, my children adore this.

Moxy Jane said...

I recently realized that my ultimate dream job is to own my very own SUPER COOL skate rink and be the house dj. We would have HEALTHY BUT YUMMY food, clean bathrooms, way cool theme parties, the best music EVAH, and the cutest rink refs in town. I drive by empty buildings around town and imagine them as MY skate rink. And on the week-ends, we'd rent out our parking lot to local farmers/artists. But we'd still have a disco ball and smell like feet. Just for old time's sake.

Sarcasm is just one more service I offer. said...

Sounds like alot of fun. I loved skating as a kid and went as often as possible. I even convinced my mom to buy me pair of my own with little pink pompoms to go on them. Good times. :o)


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