Sunday, November 2, 2008

retro rollin'

I genuinely love rollerskating with all my heart. When I was a kid, we had the Roller Barn - a real old barn converted into a roller rink where I spent many a weekend afternoon skating with friends, eating gobs of junk food, & pining for cute boys.

Yesterday I stepped back in time at our local Golden Skate - this time my kids were my friends, they ate junk food bought with their own money, and I didn't have to pine long for my cute boy.

The universal rental counter,
complete with circa 1981 cool skates poster

Anticipation in tan size 7

It's not worth $6 without a disco ball

"YMCA" is always at the ready

Pause for manna

Rink refs, the coolest of the skating nerds
(This one resembled the cute Mac Guy)
[I am NOT stalking him, or else I'd have had a front shot]

This guy I was stalking
but he skated by too fast for a decent shot.
Or not...heh.

Me & a boy worth pining over

The roller rink - in the end,
it's all about love