Monday, December 15, 2008

big fat plan on ice

Much to my poor children's distress, their school is in business today while mine is closed due to icy roads. As they work through their glumness, I am formulating a schedule for my day home alone. Part of me wants to spend it reading, writing, visiting blogs, searching for new pictures of Mark Wahlberg for my desktop & drinking tea but most of me knows I should blast Christmas music and power organize & clean the house.

So I'm offering myself this reward system:
  • Sort & begin laundry = Shower time
  • Finish wrapping presents then clean the spare room = Read 3 blogs
  • Pick up/rearrange living room to accommodate Christmas tree = Half-hour of magazine & snack time
  • Make more banana bread = Read 3 blogs
  • Sweep, dust, vacuum all surfaces = Play 30 minutes of Free Rice or Traveler IQ Challenge
  • Write up plans for last 3 weeks of classes = Meet Lisa for coffee & Blockbuster browsing

I'm kind of already exhausted from this day off, frankly.