Monday, December 15, 2008


A cowardly anonymous troll tried to hijack my Christmas spirit this afternoon by replying to our e-mailed holiday letter with his own glib rewording [initially it was pretty hilarious in an over-the-top obnoxious way, but then he became hostile with: "Contemplate sending out generic e-mail re: "I know you hardly know me and that I barely know you, but here's an e-mail exclaiming to the entire fuckin' universe to look at me and my freakin' perfect children and my wonderful prescription-drug driven life" " Gee, depressed much?]. The weirdest part is that this is someone I went to high school with, who I contacted a couple of years ago for our reunion and is only in my address book because he was (supposedly) interested in hearing from other alumni. Clearly he's only interested in sharing his delightful brand of comedy/rage with people who are just too damned happy.

After a brief reverse e-mail look-up to determine which joy-filled former classmate took such time & care to respond to my holiday greeting (he actually copied my letter to his junk mail account, altered it, and used a fake name to send it back - that is dedication to a craft), I turned my energy to making dinner for my freakin' perfect children before heading out to watch my best friends' kids' (also perfect) orchestra performance. Despite the 5th grade strings sounding a lot like the well-meaning Halloween Town musicians in Nightmare Before Christmas ("Jingle Bells" dirge, anyone?), it was just what I needed. The earnestness in those faces & fingers; the nervous eyes and shaking hands; the beaming smiles during applause.

Yes. I do have a wonderful life, prescription-drug driven or not.

pic courtesy of this place - thanks!