Wednesday, December 17, 2008

from my effing perfect family to yours

Dear Blog Friends & Family,
Feel free to immediately click away from this page if the past year's hijinks of my ideal life offend or otherwise incense your passive/aggressive manic depressive sensibilities.

January: Cowboy fan Stephanie thoroughly did not enjoy the playoff season
February: Stephanie also thoroughly did not enjoy the Super Bowl; family fun at the state caucus March: Kids remained involved in Scouts, acting classes, Math Club, & general fun with the cat and hamsters (though never at the same time)
April: Paige jumped rope for the American Heart Association at a Trailblazers game; Stephanie & Stu had some happenings in Vegas
May: Stephanie & Stu spent 15th anniversary weekend in the far reaches of downtown Portland
June: New bath tub!; Stu & friend Dave treated to cocktail class for Father’s Day; Stephanie announced names of graduates at her school’s 1st commencement
July: Summer camps for kids; tattoos for adults; Stephanie & friend Jen partied in San Francisco
August: More camps for kids; trip to London, Paris & Amsterdam for adults
September: Stu’s 20 year HS reunion
October: Mason took up trombone, Paige thankfully not yet interested in loud instruments; family enjoyed multiple costume parties
November: Wordstock workshop for Stephanie, promise of continued job at H-P for Stu
Mason starring in church play; Paige reveled in art class; high hopes for Cowboys in playoffs

Wishing you happy holidays & a delightful 2009.

Now to send out the hard copy of this, instead of letting it languish in a Christmas bag behind my couch for a year. Not that I've ever done anything that pathetic before.