Thursday, December 18, 2008


Yesterday the automated call from my school district announced a 3-hour early release before calling an hour later with news of closure. There was a faint wisp of snow trailing around outside until about 10 a.m. then nothing. All day. Which meant my attitude was the same - nothing. I honestly can't remember one marginally productive thing I did yesterday during our non-snowy Snow Day.

Last night the automated caller informed me that today would be a 2-hour late start. That meant I would be teaching two classes (because I don't have a 1st period), only one hour each (we usually have 90 minutes). Plus my half-hour lunch. Luckily I don't have to drive far to my school; some of my colleagues spend at least 40 minutes driving each way. I fell into a grouchy funk not because I don't love my job and relish teaching teenagers [I DO!] but because I knew a) many of our kids wouldn't show up due to living outside the bus snow routes and/or having no reliable alternate transportation, and b) we would not be able to finish a movie or start a novel or engage in actual curriculum-advancing work due to the time & attendance constraints. You know how I love board games and I'm not afraid to inflict them on my students, but it seems like everyone's morning would be better spent not driving across town for a few hours' play.

TODAY the snow actually started to drift in with more seriousness around 7:30. Like it didn't appreciate all the hype of the past 4 days and was waiting for just the right moment to show off. The kids had me check the news website another 425 times before the bus ambled into our neighborhood [their school is on regular schedule; suckers!]. I dragged myself upstairs to prepare for a nerve-wracking drive down & up shady hills, and a few hours of visiting with students who would desperately rather be anywhere else in the world.

As I finished washing my face, the phone rang. Caller ID proclaimed NW Educational. HELLO? Lovely, calm automated voice telling my district was closed for the day. I actually danced around the bedroom. Then I took a 45 minute bath, and now? Typing & reading in my towel and slippers. Next I think I'll make some tea and watch dangerous amounts of E! While reading back issues of Entertainment Weekly. Laptop at hand.

God bless us, everyone.