Wednesday, March 4, 2009

back, with game

Teacher Rule #351: Never underestimate the power of a humble apology. Or, Using the "It's Not You It's Me" Tactic with Teenagers.

First, though, I must thank all of my Happy Hour homegirls and you dear, dear, dear, kind & lovely readers for the ultra-supportive vibes; they were most certainly helpful in maintaining my mental stability.

So I put on my favorite fancy pants & cardigan and began 2nd period with "I want to apologize for the unfortunate unraveling of class yesterday; clearly I didn't handle things well - everybody has an off-day or three and that was mine. Thank you for your input [I had given everyone a sticky note at the end of the period yesterday and had them write suggestions for how I could help them succeed in class] - I will be taking your ideas into consideration and I think things will go more smoothly." There were bemused faces all around, some appropriately sheepish, and we moved forward.

And now part 2 (Gentleman readers avert your eyes): I popped into Blockbuster after school to rent Season 2 of Six Feet Under and lo, Geeky Cute Video Expert Guy was back! He has been gone for months; I was pretty sure he had joined the Bad Mom Stalker Protection Program like my long-lost Grocery Boy. I carefully avoided meaningful eye contact because, you know, stalker propriety and then the other [not as noteworthy, sorry dude] clerk motioned me to his line. BUT THEN! GCVEG stepped over and asked what novels I'm teaching now [insert suppressed squeal]; I told him my Literature class ended but I am trying to find a relevant movie for my Speech class - what did he think of The Great Debaters? Anyway, the conversation actually went on for another minute or so but is really only thrilling in my own mind.

The moral: Life is good. Thanks for coming along.