Tuesday, March 3, 2009

but today i totally sucked

Lest you get the impression that I am a teaching goddess - or as one extraordinarily generous blogger friend put it, "Jesus" - I give you Exhibit A, a Supremely Sucky Tuesday in the classroom.

Nothing, and I am not being dramatic, nothing qualified as 'going well' today.

Those brilliant seniors [high schoolers, not geriatrics, Texan Mama] of yesterday's fame? Two of the 21 were actively paying attention during our 90 minute period; one sympathetically remarked to me that class was "painful." And there was girl drama of epic proportions that I tried unsuccessfully to downplay.

Advocacy class was suspiciously sparse; those in attendance could not. stop. talking while I was attempting to explain the day's plan - one student actually kept shouting "EVERYONE BE QUIET" exactly when I would start to speak.

By the time Technology rolled around sixty-five hours later I had decided to spend most of the period watching the special features of Minority Report, focusing on the aspect of our vision of the future vs. Hollywood's, and what kinds of jobs are represented in moviemaking. The lameness was not lost on my students but they generously played along and did not stage a mutiny.

The blinding, piercing headache I left school with was, however, soothed by my coming home to a completely clean kitchen (THANK YOU BEST HUSBAND EVER) and by my best friend inviting me to share her perfect Darjeeling tea and chocolate chip cookies (THANK YOU BEST LISA EVER). So I have to qualify that nothing going well - at 4:00, everything felt better.