Monday, March 16, 2009

survivor type

My man & I have been fans of Survivor since the 2nd season [on principle I reject anything hyped when it first comes out; it only hurts me and causes anxious catching-up yet I stick to my guns]. Every time we watch, I gravitate first toward the cute boys then any teachers while Stu tends not to have a particular system though he will root against the cute boys and whiny women. We always engage in a minor spat when I mention how I would someday like to apply just to test myself; I get grouchy as he snickers and looks at me sideways, but the reminder that I don't swim eventually brings me back to my senses.

Really, Stu is the one who could be a contender. He's dug in sprinkler systems, built sheds, torn out walls, put down flooring, put up stairs; like a suburban Dr. Frankenstein, he created his car from pieces & parts; he has lived through the loss of his mom, the ongoing illness of his dad, and the departure from his job of 13 years. I realize those are not typical Survivor challenges so I'll submit that the man has also been lighting fires from flint since he was a Boy Scout and was a legendary swim team stud in high school [my interpretation based on hottie photos of him in his Speedo; will post soon]. And now he has been hired to design aircraft interiors for PECO in southeast Portland - it's a significantly farther drive, we'll have to pay 8% of his salary to Oregon's income tax, and much to Mason's sadness, PECO might not offer a family Halloween party, but IT'S A JOB, it involves engineering, and it allows us to keep our home (with heat).

My man wins immunity.

P. S. Thank you to everyone who kept us in their thoughts & prayers & meditations, et cetera.