Tuesday, April 14, 2009

fresh air fun

Amongst the ridiculous spam in my e-mail today [that acai berry super cleanse is not sounding any better, people; give it up], I spied a note from the Fresh Air Fund about hosting a city kid this summer. First, I love to be helpful & possibly inspiring to kids and second, watching videos of joyful youths cavorting in parks on bright blue-green days made me see the sunlight at the end of our rainy tunnel. YES! Visions of perking up our extra bedroom & planning hours upon hours of outdoor fun danced in my head.

Alas, I am not in the designated area of the US to participate in hosting [though we will be donating]. But I know some of my beloved readers are. I beseech [5 point word] you to check out these videos and visit the Fresh Air Fund site; you will not be able to resist signing up. And dudes, that is prime blog fodder for weeks - the photos alone will bring the world joy. At the very least, please post or pass on the info. This program is a marvelous blessing.

Plus I'd do just about anything for Tiki Barber...

Their laughter alone sends me.