Friday, April 10, 2009

a good list for a good friday

This note from Janet @ Friday Fill-Ins [who lovingly FOR FREE spends her time putting together a FUN little OPTIONAL meme for bloggers like me who need a momentary break from thinking about a post topic]: Last week, Anonymous left this comment:
"*sighs* The last two of these have sucked royally...I love this thing, but now I'm having to go back in the archives and find ones that aren't totally ridiculous and moronic...".
This week #1 is dedicated to Anonymous. :-) we go!

1. Anonymous...Latin for cowardly jackass.

2. Each weekend is a creme-filled, sugar-coated gift from God.

3. Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, to keep thee from strangling me.

4. The magical feeling of a sun-warmed sidewalk under my bare feet is what I look forward to most about Spring.

5. Who needs therapy when Happy Hour is from 4-6.

6. Chocolate-covered blueberries [they look like bunny poop!] MUST go into the Easter basket!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to dinner & I Love You Man with my man, tomorrow my plans include putting my house in order, and Sunday I want to delight in Easter with my family & friends!

Good Friday Fill-Ins; rejoice!


Janet said...

hahahah bunny poop! Enjoy the movie and Happy Easter to you and yours :-)

LarryG said...

I didn't know you knew Latin!
you impress me every time (i do mean every) I read your blog!
Bare feet and sidewalks! just watch out for the asphalt in July!
This is lovely - have a wonderful weekend!
(Does repeatedly using !'s cause them to lose their !-ability?!!?!!???)!

Amber said...

LOL @ bunny poop
Isn't it great that Happy Hour lasts two full hours??
Happy Friday!

Fantastic Forrest said...


You make religion fun. That's one of the most interesting things about you.

Stephanie, YOU are "a creme-filled, sugar-coated gift from God."


Alison said...

I'm positive that's an accurate translation of "anonymous" from Latin.

Who needs therapy when I have blogging?

Happy Easter!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

My husband and I laughed and laughed at I Love You Man. It's definitely on the raunchy side, but very funny. Enjoy yourself.

lisahgolden said...

I laughed at your description of anonymous. And then I sighed with longing at the idea of chocolate covered blueberries.

Happy Easter to you and your family!

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

You'll have to let me know about the movie. Looks like lots of fun.

katydidnot said...

bunny poop looking candy sounds right for this weekend, no?

shrink on the couch said...

you obviously have never been to my office where you can get therapy AND happy hour : )

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Happy Easter!

I hope you enjoyed the movie. Tom and I liked it.

Angie @ Many Little Blessings said...

LOL -- I love this "Anonymous...Latin for cowardly jackass." ;)

dkuroiwa said...

Now I know I've been in Japan too long when the "barefeet on the sidewalk" made me stop for just a nanosecond and think "oh my shoes outside?!?!?!"
I gotta come home!!

and from this "bunny poop looking candy lover's" point of view? a must in the house at ALL times!!

hope you had a great day!!

AngelConradie said...

I loathe that Anonymous... pops up everywhere doesn't he!?


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