Sunday, June 28, 2009

9 x 3 + 40 = 4 young(ish) ladies pampered

An equation for a fun finishing touch to the birthday weekend - Paige invited a couple of special friends (who were absent from yesterday's festivities) to enjoy spa time [her present from Mom & Dad]. And of course the taxi driver/benefactor got to partake as well. I love summer vacation.

Birthday girl + best friends + The [Good] Mom


Fantastic Forrest said...

Too fun!

Please adopt me, good mom. My birthday is coming soon, and my toes are woefully bare.


brandy101 said...

I love that my daughter is at an age where we can enjoy pedicures together! Sometimes, to save $, we just do pedicures/foot scrubs/massages at home.

It sure beats the heck outta ChuckECheese!

JCK said...

Yeah! I was able to get to your blog! :) Whoot!

Gorgeous toes.


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