Monday, June 29, 2009

the edge of fairytale land

Once upon a time, my young prince was our sole source of rollercoaster emotions. As the days wore on, my princess dabbled in hysteria. Now I'm not sure who wears the Drama crown considering Mason successfully, with no very little mania, packed all of his needs for a week at Boy Scout camp and left yesterday morning with a beaming smile on his face while Paige, the Birthday Girl, has spent the better part of today alternately sulking about perceived slights (the nondairy chocolate frozen treats are a different brand than the vanilla ones! STUPID TRADER JOE'S), singing along to The Beatles in the car, and whining about nonsensical issues (I DON'T KNOW IF I'M SUPPOSED TO BRING IN THE GARBAGE CAN OR THE RECYCLING BIN!).

At this very moment, she is fast asleep in her slumber party-ravaged room; I banished her to napdom after she listened to a phone message from a friend inviting her to spend the night then dissolved into a wailing puddle because she wasn't sure WHAT TO SAY if her friend's grandma answered when Paige called back. What?? Now I'm confused, and I have a headache.

If the nap works wonders, I'm sending her to the friend's house and taking my man out on the town to erase this headache...


katydidnot said...

well, come on. she's got a point. if the grandma answers, what's she supposed to say. because hello? there has never been a phone answered by a grandma! this is certainly unprecedented!

okay, i have a headache now too. please let us know how it turns out. you never know what might happen when someone's grandma answers the phone.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

As long as it's not MY grandma, all will be well.

I struggle with the same thing.

(She's probably just overtired from all the partying. She'll be better soon.)

shrink on the couch said...

Post slumber party hysteria is the absolute worst around my house, too.

Now tonight, mine returned from a slumber party that involved an all-day water park. They came home, dropped their stuff, and fell asleep in record time. Ahhh, niiiiiiiice.

Moxy Jane said...

We were at a friend's house very late Saturday night and all three girls were a mess all day Sunday. Sleep works does locking yourself in a room with head-phones and a bottle of wine;-)

This, too, will pass.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

She's too young to blame it on being a teenager--I'd go with overtired.


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