Monday, July 20, 2009

who needs me?

This arrived in my e-mail this morning from Lijit:

Top Searches that Brought Readers to Your Blog (max 25 shown)
bad mom (28 times)
bad mom blog (9 times)
daniel radcliffe equus (4 times)
edgy tattoos (3 times) (2 times)
bad moms (2 times)
daniel radcliffe equus photos (2 times)
mom x young (2 times)
how to say your birthday its in two days japanese (2 times)
label (2 times)
exploded moms (2 times)
sexy naughty moms (2 times)
daniel radcliff (1 time)
bad nice mom (1 time)
david kross (1 time)
how to categorize for a garage sale (1 time)
bad moms blog (1 time)
tattoo of a stack of books (1 time)
why is chocolate bad for us (1 time)
radcliffe equus (1 time)
rock and roll part of every day (1 time)
serial killer mom (1 time)
daniel radcliffe pictures (1 time)
soft porn ass (1 time)
wise potato chips company in syma (1 time)

So much food for thought (wise potato chips??). I feel a little guilty that I didn't have more to offer the "how to categorize for a garage sale" person, and a tad weird about so many Daniel Radcliffe hits. Also wondering if the "serial killer mom" felt satisfied; I'm certain "why is chocolate bad for us" did not.

I will defer the "how to say your birthday its in two days japanese" person (who visited twice?) to Deb at Etc, Etc, Etc and am seriously considering "exploded mom" for a t-shirt.

Not touching "soft porn ass" (heh) but I've just given that poor searching sucker another shot at visiting my blog.

I'll try not to let this information shape what I write in the future.
The nice youngish sometimes sexy & naughty Bad Mom with a blog and a not-so-edgy tattoo who likes to rock & roll part of every day with wise potato chips and good-for-you chocolate, signing off to read a stack of books and swoon over Daniel Radcliffe. And serial killers.

P.S. It's my birthday in 34 days whether you speak English or Japanese, or any other language.