Thursday, October 15, 2009

eco lover & fighter

It's Blog Action Day [Night] 2009. This year's focus is Climate Change, and Eco Women has asked, What are we doing about it?

I have to admit, as I do most days in my teaching job, I am not Science Girl; I don't thoroughly understand all of the details of ozone depletion & global warming. I do, however, understand that most of the things I do in my life will have some kind of impact on this world and try to act accordingly (meaning, in a responsible way).

Other than the obvious and remarkably easy - at least in our granola-oriented Pacific Northwest - recycling of paper, plastic, metal, and glass, our family tries to resuse or repurpose items as often as possible; I am easily recognized in two local Goodwills and my students always ask about "new" clothing, shoes, or classroom decor, "Garage sale or thrift store, Mrs. S?"

I also try to create a small environmental footprint by driving an efficient car [not minivan] as little as possible, or by carpooling. When in Portland, I always take advantage of the MAX trains; I know they are doing our air good, and I feel so very cosmopolitan.

And now, I have succumbed to the lure of the iPhone in the name of eco-friendliness. I no longer have to write myself dozens of sticky notes with reminders and phone numbers and e-mails, and I can surrender my paper datebook! Ah, I am feeling so much freer already...

I call my iLover Jude.
Thank you for helping me save the Earth, darling.