Saturday, October 10, 2009

wired (and not bitter)

Yes, more terminal nerdom for me
You know you want to visit & go there.

This adorable & talented G. Xavier Robillard taught my Writing Workshop
for Teachers this morning; I'm smitten

LiveWire! darlings, Tyler and my secret boyfriend Sean

Another sexy shot just for Holly and me

British hottie who speaks & sings like a dream
...a naughty, naughty dream

Pretty sure he was saying something just to me
in secret code

Stabbing a cabbage; it's what edgy Portlanders do
(this was not about me at all)
The plaid cutie is genius poet, Derrick Brown
(He signed my poster! I love him 2nd best)
There was no Audience Haiku for me to lose tonight. I did, however, lose the Character Creation contest, to which I say F*CK.

Here is my submission so you may praise my effort and appreciate the immense thought I put into it:

Frances Theodora Dalloway, who is a florist / mental health counselor

I thought I was pretty effing brilliant in giving her the initials FTD (HA) and the last name Dalloway, which was a Virginia Woolf character who kept mentioning she had to pick up flowers for her party (thus florist) and as Ms. Woolf was mentally unstable, the character's secondary job is also supposed to be drolly amusing.

Clearly I am far too cerebral for this crowd. Whatever. I will not stoop to pandering. Until my secret boyfriend invites me out for drinks after the show.