Sunday, October 11, 2009

Guest Post #3

I was supposed to have guest posted for Bad Mom a couple times this week and was lax in my duties. While my wife is tackling every piece of clothing this family owns in the form of dirty laundry, I'm stepping back to the plate.

Normally I post something rather smarmy and sassy when asked to guest post, AKA "I am le tired, post for me", but lately the marriage of our closest friends and neighbors is on the teetering point of ending. It is times like this when you look at you own relationship and ask yourself if you are doing OK, am I going to get clobbered with "I'm done, I'm leaving you"?

With all that is transpiring, Stephanie has been giving me some sideways glances, some pointed questions, and some outright statements about our relationship. We have had some good yet teary conversations; Stephanie does not like to be wrong corrected mistaken and I load the dishwasher incorrectly, dry clothes that should be hung, and can be a bit oversexed. She is Woman and I am Man.

Now, not to suggest that I believe we too are on the rocks, if anything I think it has brought us a bit closer. I terribly miss going out as a foursome, it hurts my soul, but I really enjoy just being the two of us sometimes. Our world is not perfect, we are sometimes tired, snippy and unkind. We more often laugh, goof and support. In the end my woman is good to me and I try to be good to her, even if I can't remember to not put my coffee stirring spoon in the clean sink.

I love you Bad Mom, now let's go mess up those freshly laundered sheets. Whoops, there I go again...