Sunday, November 1, 2009


I broke away from my Cowboys game a tad early [they had achieved the healthy lead I personally requested] to go see Whip It with my bff Lisa and her fabulously fun friend Erika. I came home wanting to join a roller derby team.

I know, I'm a big pain baby prone to whining BUT I can take it if I really want to, and there are cute outfits/shoes involved. So I visited the website of our local Rose City Rollers and concocted crazy visions of myself kicking a little ass in the rink; I even checked the clock when I read that they're starting a boot camp tonight...Then I got a little scared.

For now, I am buying tickets to bouts and shopping for fan gear. Maybe soon I'll get brave enough to put skates on my Christmas wish list.

In my school colors! from Bruised Boutique