Tuesday, March 2, 2010

love my bartender

My man Dave has asked (and offered free cocktails if I comply*) for my help winning him a trip to NYC to learn Japanese Bartending [I have no idea what that means - Everything fits in the palm of your hand? The shot glasses have Hello Kitty on them? You have to dress like a naughty schoolgirl??]

So PLEASE do this very easy thing: Go to Cocktail Kingdom and move David Shenaut to the #1 spot in the voting box. You do have to put other people in the #2-10 slots in order for your vote to go through; I chose women who sounded sassy but nice and men's names that didn't remind me of boys who've been mean to me. I call that seriously Scientific.

*He really didn't.
But he usually gives me a little something special if I pout and sigh enough, which I think is a very good quality in a bartender.

We thank you for your consideration.



Sam said...

I voted! The Hello Kitty shot glasses won me over! But where can I get that great shirt. Gotta get one!

BTW; is your foot better?

Stu said...

Have I told you how much I like that shirt :)

shrink on the couch said...

Took a little longer than I'd hoped. Because I got a little carried away , clicked too many names until David Shenaut's name disappeared from the list. Finally figured out I just had to minus names until his appeared again. But, this IS more important than world hunger.

snugglebug said...

i did it for you

David Shenaut said...

WOW Thanks Bad mom! Rumor Has it that this is the prize.


If I win I am having a party in your honor. In fact, I'll even invite you.

Jenn@ You know... that blog? said...


PLEASE no Hello Kitty... please.

Hope you're less agitated now! I promise I won't poke you with a stick even so.

brandy101 said...

Voted for Dave # and my gal LaTanya #2 (how could I resist - love that name!)

LarryG said...

keep us posted
WIth a bit of luck DS will be on the way soon

apathy lounge said...

Hello Kitty shot glasses? Perfect. It's like a Mr. Rogers hip flask for gin. I love irony.

Gretchen said...

That was hilarious.

Yep I voted. And did you see "Jane Danger"? AWESOME! I put her as #2.

Anonymous said...

japanese bartending is some kind of new trend


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