Thursday, May 13, 2010

mea culpa

So I got excited about my generous man's offer to buy me a new laptop last week, even though I do have a soft spot for my ancient bestickered one, and it has been holding up fine despite its age. But then I was thrust to wits' end by the incessant, mind-numbing arguing between my husband and our preteen son; in a fit of desperation mixed with righteousness, I announced that ALL I wanted for Mother's Day was for the two of them to find a sensible way to stop the insanity. The middle school boy was properly terrified of his crazy mother chagrined, the grown-up boy took my offering of Love & Logic CDs, and I felt mostly better though a little melancholic for the laptop that might have been.

Now, I have found the perfect place to put any new stickers that won't fit on the old laptop - my fabulous garage sale rolling cart. And now, my dinosaur has started blinking intermittenly while the speakers, just as I've discovered the musical goodness of STEREOmood, are suddenly scratchy. All after I dramatically protested buying the shiny Mocha Digital Plaid beauty. But, I suppose if the father-son bickering is quelled, it's a reasonable trade.

Maybe I can have it for my birthday?