Monday, August 30, 2010

fun facts about humanity

There are all kinds of people in the world. Let's look at how some people choose to behave.
  • Some people invent new realities and are surprised when others become confused.
  • Some people seem to be one thing but are really another far less pleasant thing.
  • Some people make mistakes but don't realize they are mistakes and then burn bridges they wish they hadn't.
  • Some people take their aggressions out on others and refuse to acknowledge this activity.
  • Some people are offended by others' opinions and think it's okay to threaten those they disagree with. [Some people hate ending sentences with a preposition; surprisingly, I am not one of them]
  • Some people need to remember that making threats is often against the law.
  • Some people think everything is about them.
There are other people in the world who behave in very different ways. Let's look at their tendencies.
  • Some people try to hope for the best in a horrible situation.
  • Some people prefer not to dismiss friends just because of a disagreement, or even a horrible situation.
  • Some people attempt to help others (maybe the kind of people mentioned above) even when it is difficult and those others continue to act like jerks.
  • Some people eventually let jerks go their own way, and move on with their lives.
  • Some people are stronger and more feisty than others (for example, above) apparently give them credit for [Another errant preposition; sorry]
  • Some people respectfully* decline to give in to the demands of other (above) people. Particularly when the demands are essentially censorship.
I hope you live with and around more people from the second group because they are generally more enlightening & enjoyable and overall less tiresome. Peace be with you.

*Some people will, however, respond to profanity with a bit of their own. Oops.