Saturday, January 1, 2011

resolution-free zone

As a teacher, I often emphasize the necessity of setting goals. I talk about making them Achievable, Believable, and Controllable (get it - ABC?) and differentiate between goals and dreams (which do not necessary have to be any of the ABCs; witness my Potential Second Husband List[s]). It is important to know what you want and design some sort of plan for getting there; I appreciate the concept and attempt to sell it to the Youth of America.

However, when it comes to resolutions I am a non-believer. I think I psych myself out, setting these high standards that start to feel unmanageable, and also I get into a "Who am I to tell ME what to do? What's wrong with the old me??" state of insanity mind. So in order to affect necessary change in my life, I tend to go with the ignorance is bliss/fake out philosophy in which I don't consciously let myself know that I am trying new techniques; I just start doing whatever was going to be my resolution and hope it sticks.  As though I am actually schizophrenic and by not acknowledging the changed strategy, my other obstinate personality is unaware and doesn't protest.

Regardless, there is an element of me [perfectionist] that wants & needs to do things differently. Thus, at the start of this magical new year, I will write some *ideas* here in code so the resistant alternate personality doesn't try to sabotage my secret efforts to institute change.
  • I am hoping to see more sunrises & enjoy more unrushed breakfasts with my children
  • If I start to wear out my yoga pad, I can shop for a new one and possibly some more cute sweatpants
  • I'd like to increase the need to wear the sweet apron my friend Sam gave me
  • Writing detailed lesson plans farther in advance means a greater ability to attend author events and concerts mid-week, guilt-free
And I think posting on my blog every day will restore the peace of mind & balance I misplaced awhile back. That I will say out loud in clear language, because it is the key to all of the other parts coming together.

May you live all the days of your life. ~ Jonathan Swift

Happy 2011, friends.