Monday, January 3, 2011

stuff & nonsense

Because I'm pretending I have nothing else to do that matters, I have been surfing YouTube and Wikipedia for 80s music trivia. I have found some relatively fascinating items that I am willing to share with you, so you may actually be available for your family & friends instead of glued to a computer screen for two hours.

First, I finally looked up Aztec Camera after years of wondering why Fountains of Wayne seemed so enamored by them. Now I AM IN LOVE with a cute boy from 25 years ago (which is not at all unexpected, really). Must see:

That little nugget led me to look up sweet Roddy Frame to see what he's up to now (in case he's living in my neighborhood, volunteering at our PTA) and found out he performed with Mick Jones of The Clash. Then I found this treasure:

I will now be keeping my eyes & ears open for a repeat of that kind of event when we head to London this summer; I promise not to be the YEAH MAN! fan in the crowd.

Perusing Mick Jones's bio, I noticed he was briefly with the band General Public; I have always confused General Public with English Beat and wondered why as their names are clearly quite different. But guess what I found out in only 80 minutes of mindless web surfing?? The main singers are the same people! How did I miss this great big DUH? Seriously, I've heard & adored their songs since I was in junior high and just now made this discovery. It's like only recently realizing that the hottie cop in 21 Jump Street is the same guy who plays Captain Jack Sparrow! OMG!

Here, marvel over my dumbfounding inability to put these two together - the song Tenderness (which won't embed for some reason, sorry) and Save It For Later:

I am, however, relieved to know that no one from Modern English is associated with English Beat (because I would mix them up, too). Nor do they have anything to do with Fountains of Wayne, Aztec Camera, or Mick Jones, though the lead singer does look a little like a Clash wannabe.

Time for me to stop the world and melt.