Thursday, October 25, 2012


In case anyone thinks I am only blogging serious topics these days, here is a nonsequential list of Ridiculous Things I've Done in the past week that will disabuse even the most casual reader of such a notion.
  1. Awoke at 6 a.m. on a weekend morning to watch [on my 3" iPhone screen] potential 2nd husband swim in Berlin
  2. Spent multiple minutes in a row plucking wild silver hairs from my head
  3. Composed pretend conversations with a certain World Cup swimmer/potential 2nd husband that always ended with us going out dancing
  4. Had actual [mostly one-sided] Twitter conversations with the same World Cup swimmer/potential 2nd husband in which I am at my most witty & brilliant, but no one gets to go dancing
  5. Shamelessly wore yoga pants & Fountains of Wayne tank, slippers, and fancy houndstooth coat to drive daughter to 7 a.m. stage band practice
  6. Planned imaginary vacations to Disneyland, Hawaii, and Singapore
  7. Planned imaginary move to London
  8. Checked Twitter Interactions for a response from World Cup swimmer/youknow every few hours, every day
  9. Sang along to Beyonce, with emotion; thought I sounded pretty ... irreplaceable
  10. Forgot to drink water and/or eat for 5+ hours at school
  11. Fed my family pizza at least 3 times
  12. Watched no football games in their entirety
  13. Experienced actual concern about who might be voted off Survivor
  14. Considered an e-mail rumble with my son's English teacher for telling my kid he wasn't 'ready' to read Catcher in the Rye
  15. Bought a bagful of Chanterelles but have not yet eaten them while watching The Walking Dead
Now, feel free to indulge in a superiority complex and question my role in shaping the future of our world.

This is just to say, however, I think we should all experience a little more ridiculousness every now & then.

Though I really am counting on dancing with youknowwho in real life sometime in 2014. Without bribery, drugs, or blackmail. Okay maybe some bribery.