Sunday, November 18, 2012

sunday night insight

I don't want to hate Sundays. They start with such grace, a 'day of rest' full of nothing but lovely relaxing air (except during football season when I have a tension headache until the Cowboys are done playing but that's not Sunday's fault, really).

But toward dusk they begin to change, like terrifying harpies, into mean-spirited soul-destroying entities. After having seduced me with a languorously carefree pace, they begin to devour my minutes with a depraved glee until I weep with anguish, having accomplished nothing of so-called merit. I start drinking large glasses of wine at 4 p.m. then retire to bed early, certain that Monday will bring only darkness & despair.

Perhaps I exaggerate a touch.

I would like to a) stop hating the last hours of the weekend and b) return to writing on my blog and subsequently de-stressing about ultimately unimportant or nonexistent issues. So I'm trying Sunday Night Insight, wherein I consider what I've done/eaten/thought/seen over the weekend that feels meaningful in my life so that I can begin the week looking forward instead of down at my feet, pitifully.

Yesterday, I remembered in the nick of time that I was a Board member (oh, and Secretary) of a local theatre group, and we had a 10 a.m. meeting. Got there on time, gave reasonably intelligent input, put together some kickass passable notes, drank lots of coffee to keep up with young thespians, had lunch & some deep conversations.

Then I napped.

But THEN I got into my boots and hit the town to become best friends with see and talk awkwardly with Carrie Brownstein & Ari Shapiro at the Live Wire! Radio taping. It was deliciously fun listening to them during interviews plus OMG Ari sang while Thomas Lauderdale played piano. There could have been sobbing but I had stopped drinking just in time to keep my cool.

Today, the dreaded Sunday, I watched my Cowboys play awfully/play better/almost lose/WIN while my family wandered in & out of the living room, commiserating & cheering as appropriate. Afterward we all ate leftover Chinese leftovers and watched the DVRed Survivor from last week. Now we're reading & writing & editing videos & doing laundry & performing home improvements as Christmas music plays on the radio.

Next, I'm taking myself for a leisurely wander through Trader Joe's to get everything I need for Thanksgiving without having to fight rushed & crabby shoppers.

The insight here [FINALLY; thank you for sticking with me/no hate mail] is that I did wonderfully fun things as well as accomplished some things, and that is good enough for a couple of days.
I can sleep in peace tonight.
Tomorrow I'll start working on hating Mondays less.