Tuesday, January 1, 2013

living out loud

Witty, pithy, significant & amazing blog posts regularly swim around one part of my brain but the lazy/OCD/preoccupiedwith2ndhusbands part refuses to sit down and actually type them out. I've tried gimmicks like assigning topics to days or following prompts yet that lazy brain is wily and finds new things to distract my attention. I'm tired of fighting me, so I've decided that I will spend some minutes each day simply reflecting on how I've lived in the previous 24 hours. The hope is that a marginally interesting thread will emerge to keep people from falling asleep somewhat engaged.

I'm basing this approach on the Jonathan Swift quote "May you live all the days of your life." It follows me around on a bookmark and, honestly, informs my sensibility. Our days are full of mundane little actions that could feel like "not really living;" I think it's easy to dismiss all the routine parts as meaningless filler leading up to the exciting things like holidays and parties and trips to Disneyland and visits from hot Olympic swimmers. But as I've mentioned before, I am uneasy letting moments pass by without being mindful; it feels foolish & grossly ungrateful. And, allowing myself to think of a day as 'wasted' sends me into a headache-inducing downward spiral toward depression, which is unpleasant for everyone. So I'm seeking out the life in my life, every day. You are welcome to follow along, and strongly encouraged to share your own living.

Today : Dozed till 10am in my favorite yoga pants & hand-painted t-shirt under a heavy blanket with late morning sun streaming on me and my warm-bodied 1st husband. Then, finished addressing what we're now calling "holiday letters" for friends & family while eating buttery toast and listening to Sherman Alexie on the radio. Had a brief but thoughtful chat with my 14-year old about perspective & media sensationalism. So far, 2013, so good.

You're welcome.