Tuesday, July 8, 2008

good dog

Since the end of the school year, we have been petsitting for a friend in a transition. This was a great opportunity for terrorizing our cat trying out dog ownership as a family; Stu & I had dogs before children, but the kids have not yet known the immense responsibility of feeding, watering, playing, scooping poop, playing, letting out, letting in, and did I mention playing? involved with dogs.
Meet Chloe.
She's ready to play. Again.

Rocky loves her like a sister.
If by "sister" we mean "terrorist invading my home."

Chloe is an extraordinarily well-behaved dog, especially for a two-year old. But like any dog/two-year old, boredom leads to creative entertainments. For example, chewing up various toys left on the stairs.

These were apparently the least appetizing parts.

There was also a container of blue Silly Putty involved. She must have known we were waiting for just the right time to replace the carpet on our stairs...

Yesterday, Chloe went to live with a new family. It's pretty amazing how quickly good dogs will settle into a place in your heart. We only knew her for a few weeks but already we miss Chloe's happy wiggling when we came home, her barely contained mania when the kids took her outside, her unconditional love of all things (excepting the unfortunate Clifford, dinosaurs, and Count Dooku). Even Rocky established a begrudging acceptance of her, as long as he could spend some time each day lying in the middle of her bed.

Good girl, Chloe.


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I can't imagine life without a dog (or two).

JessTrev said...

I'm with Jenn. And with you! It's a whoooole lotta work. People with tiny babies who ask me if they should get a dog? Maybe in 8 years or so... Sounds like a great adventure. My mom's thinking of taking in rescue dogs and then handing them off to adoptive families - which, like what you did, is an amazing gift, but seems so sad, no?

Anonymous said...

Um, what was the brown bark-looking thing the dog ingested?

LarryG said...

being on your blog today was a nice balance - there on the tab was the name of the site and the post looking like
"bad mom:good dog"

nice post about living with a borrowed pet. kind of like grand kids are supposed to be. at some point you know they're going home so until then "spoil them" :)

The Girl Next Door said...

I cannot imagine life without a dog, either, which is why I recently caved to giving Daughter her own puppy - "my" dog spends 1/2 time with Ex when the kids are there. I thought I'd get to "keep" puppy - but NO she goes with Daughter now, too! So I have 2 1/2 dogs...hmmmm.

Lisa Wheeler Milton said...

I love dogs, other people's dogs.

(I have tremendous guilt over it, the granddaughter of a dog show family and all.)

But they are tons of work, and if you don't have it to spare - time, energy, etc - I guess it's better to admit it.

So I do. Still, you did a good deed here, silly putty not included, and I admire your hospitality...

She was a good dog. (Zack liked her. That says something.)

Unknown said...

I have a dog....she big, and dumb, and sleeps all day.

We call her cow dog...or Darby, whichever feels right at the moment. 90lbs of dog...more than I need I think.

I like puppies....wish that they stayed puppies.

Stu said...

She was a good hound to dogsit.


Gretchen said...

I could NEVER handle a dog that big. I don't do drool. Mostly I hate those white dogs, who don't really stay white because their long hair around their mouths is permanently brown from being in the dog dish and in the dirt and in their... eh hem... private areas. Anyway, our lovely Brownie is 4 years old and nearly perfect. She is bigger than a Jack Russel but smaller than a Beagle. We are lucky that we didn't have to potty train a puppy and potty train a human at the same time... I'm not sure Brownie would have made it past the first year with us.

holly said...

i so love other people's dogs. really really really love dogs. at other people's houses.

not one more person is coming permanently under this roof whose poo i have to clean up until the boy learns to use the potty.

~Swankymama said...

Chloe looks like a good snuggler. :o)

San Diego Momma said...

I am so in the process of talking my husband into a dog...if only Ben Stiller's "Vapoorizer" were real, I think I'd have a sell.

Still working on it!


Tootsie Farklepants said...

I don't think I could have let her go. I'm already in love.

Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

Um. Is there evidence of decapitation in the pile of chewed toys? Does this mean that some doll is sitting around wishing it could have a little head?

Leann I Am said...

I LOOOOOVED doggy-sitting when I didn't have any dogs! Our Boxer had to be put down just before Christmas and we JUST got another dog two weeks ago. We need a dog around here...even if my husband doesn't necessarily agree.

Pretty dog. Pretty cat, too! The center of the bed is the safest place for them!

shrink on the couch said...

Choloe is a beautiful dog. I can see how you would all grow attached. I was really reluctant to get a dog. I was finally through with diapers and having baby poo on my hands, I didn't want to trade in on dog poo.

But eventually I caved, when our youngest were 6ish. No puppy though. Adopted a 2 yr old. That helped.


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