Thursday, October 8, 2009


glo-ri-ous : (adjective) delightful; wonderful; completely enjoyable

Lighting out with Birthday Girl's new iPhone boyfriend
(my hair in the rearview mirror is the only shot of me tonight; enjoy)

We discovered Happy Hour is all day Thursdays
3 Doors Down

The ubiquitous drink shot

Our gracious waiter with Sam* & Jen

Bagdad Theater, Hawthorne district
It's full of sophisticated ghosts, I'm positive

Lisa, Lovely Volunteer #1
before she was sent to check IDs at the door
(her former bartending days at play there)

Holly, Lovely Volunteer #2
with whom I competed to give out the most programs
at the same door

*Ode to a So-Called Peripheral Friend

I carelessly overlooked her
But The Good Sam,
our Glinda, our life of any party
cannot be forgotten -
which is, overall, a fine thing.

She is brutally honest
yet heartbreakingly tender;
She allows my inner 21-year old
free reign around band members,
PTA conventions, and karaoke clubs.
We are wildly smart & smartly wild

Sam is definitely one of the best
I saved for last.

[Happy, big baby?]

Happy birthday to my first grown-up best friend, Jen.
Love you & your rockin' FM boots, bff